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Etsy.. the handmade movement

Etsy.. the place to buy all things handmade

If you do not know what Etsy is (actually in Norway, it is relatively unknown), welcome to the land of the living and take a look. Over a hundred thousand artists showcase their wares for the world to see, and everything you see there is either handmade or vintage. Etsy offers artists not only a fantastic opportunity to expand their market, but it is also a very special place to meet like minded people who appreciate and/or create handmade works. If you are an artist, do look into the community and forum pages, they are excellent resources, with information on marketing, photography and more.

I have been featured on the front page of Etsy on a few occasions, it never ceases to make me feel proud when something I made with my own two hands is chosen for one of their coveted front page spots.

etsy front page featuring my "linen pendant"
etsy front page featuring my “linen pendant”
etsy front page featuring my "bark ring"
etsy front page featuring my “bark ring”

I have been fortunate enough to have been contacted by people looking for that “something special”…. such as a Texan gentleman who was looking for a special “linen” gift for his wife on their 4th anniversary – the “linen” anniversary. She now proudly wears one of my  silver linen pendants. A woman in Boston who was getting married wrote to me, she needed a shawl to wear with her wedding gown. Knowing that what one does – what one dreams of and then creates – goes on to become a cherished piece… something that becomes part of the story of someone’s life is a great feeling. Making/giving handmade gifts – there is just no comparison.

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