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Art?.. Craft? – a rose by any other name…

The concept of Art vs Craft has been an ongoing debate across a broad array of media. It is a debate that will likely never be resolved. I have always been uncomfortable with labeling myself as anything – designer, craftsman, artist etc.. does one preclude the other?

For years now, I have been honing my Craft – learning and experimenting, improving my skills. Art per se – was never on the agenda yet somehow, it seems to be pushing itself to the forefront of my thoughts. To create works that are not purely functional, yet have a story, a meaning – give pause.

Can one create Art without Craft?.. yes..
but would one really want to? I cannot imagine why – yet we see it everywhere.

Can one create Craft without Art?.. absolutely..
yet – there is an ‘art’ to creating well crafted work.

Art AND Craft – I cannot imagine a better combination.

I have been reading up on the debate – here are a few links:

Art v. Craft – Bruce DeBoer – photographer

The Aesthetic Elevator

Art vs Craft vs Crap

Exploring Creativity

Bosqueoregon Art vs. Craft

Books to read: (if you have any to add, please let me know)

A Theory of Craft – Function and Aesthetic Expression by Howard Rosatti

What is Art? Leo Tolstoy

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