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A handmade holiday

With the holidays fast approaching, it is time for my annual ‘buy handmade’ appeal. ūüôā (click here and take a moment to read my post from 2009)

Every year, by the time mid-November rolls around our mailboxes fill to the brim with holiday catalogs from near and far. The vast majority of the stuff (for lack of a better word) is made in some far off place where people are underpaid and their work is under appreciated.

This year, as every year, I will spend my time making. ¬†I had originally signed up for Epla’s 1st ‘in the flesh’ christmas market, which will surely be a grand success; but due to priorities and a heavy schedule… going into production mode was simply out of the question, so I have had to free up my spot — given the waiting list to get in, I am sure it made someone very happy!

Speaking of¬†Epla, they turned 2 this week, and their success is admirable! I started with them when they first opened their doors, and have felt a sense of belonging from the get-go. They posted their Christmas gift list this morning and I was pleasantly surprised to have 2 of the 9 spots allotted for their ‘exclusive gift-picks‘. I truly hope they have a great market, and hope that I may even have a chance to pass by. For those of you who do not know of Epla, it is Norway’s marketplace for artisans to sell their work. They now, also have a fashion (vintage) and collectables section. If you are Norwegian and looking for that special gift, take a look, I am sure you will find what you are looking for, and in doing so, you will support an artist living in Norway, likely working from their home in their spare time, doing what they love most.

Support your local artist/maker.. it is a win/win situation. Handmade gifts, even if you did not make them yourself, are simply the best! Gifts with heart and soul, that show that you did take the time to find something special.

… and for my local (read: really local) readers, do make sure to visit Nesodden’s¬†detlillestore.no¬†¬†They have a lovely selection of work from some very talented local makers. I wish them all the best!

In the meantime, projects are in the works in our house, and as my children (and many of their friends) spend time making with me, you may start to see a new series of posts.. about the life of a Maker.

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  1. Så hyggelig at du deler informasjon om Det lille store julemarkedet! Neste gang må du være med :-).

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