About Cynthia Reynolds

Designer – Maker – Craftsman – Collaborator – Experimenter – Dreamer – Doer – Beekeeper – Social Innovator

A intense curiosity about how things work and how they are made, has led to a 20 year long adventure encompassing a broad array of media, everything from silver to wool, leather to paper and clay to glass. Combining new technology with old world techniques, hand-crafted unique items have been sold to public and private collectors around the world. Works have been featured in print and online publications, as well as shown at solo and group exhibits.

Co-Founder of ALTIFREM – 2015

A non-profit organization who’s mission is to support the emergence of an alternative distribution system via The OpenFoodNetwork, based on community empowerment, transparency, sustainability and cooperation. To achieve that mission, ALTIFREM will support and enable actors implementing distribution practices that aim to reconnect responsible producers (local, organic, fair trade, handcraft, etc.) with consumers.

Founder of Nesoddliv – 2015

A social enterprise dedicated to boosting our local economy, by reinvesting profits and incubating ideas and concepts that will regenerate our community while providing a sustainable distribution system to connect local producers with consumers. Due to the geographical nature of Nesodden (a peninsula), logistics in this rural community have prompted keen interest in the project. Providing ease of distribution will allow producers to focus on what they do best! Produce!

Owner – Granbakken

A cottage industry producer of organic jams, preserves, chutneys, vinegar, salves and more, available at local farmers market.

Founding Member of Ekebo CSA farm — 2014 

A Community Shared Agricultural Farm at Nesodden, Norway. Establishing 4 groups (Apiculture, Agriculture, Livestock and Foul) Working with families to create a self-sustained lifestyle, at the same time as providing a venue for courses, community events and school outings.
Featured on TV2 national news (link)

Community Lavvo Project — 2013

Leader of the Community Lavvo project in conjunction with Heimvernet (Norwegian military) and the Nesoddtangen School FAU. In order to provide the school with an outdoor classroom such that students could be spared the disruption of an upgrade to the schools ventilation system, we built a lavvo using donated materials from Kebony and a lot of elbow grease. Standing 10 meter high and covering an area of 50 square meters, with handbuilt indoor and outdoor fire pits, benches there is room for an entire class. The lavvo is used for free by schools, kindergarden, SFO, and the Miniclub. It is rented out for a small sum to locals for events which support the maintenance and upgrades. With Kebony having a 30 year life span, it hopefully will be here for another generation to use 🙂

Leader of Communication/systems group Nesoddtangen School FAU – 2013

Having long worked in various volunteer organizations, it became apparent that with each new year, the ramp up time to get a new group of volunteers up to speed and working was a roadblock that needed to be overcome. She led a group whose goal was to create cloud based, sustainable system that would enable the transfer and growth of information from year to year to be seamless.

Co-Founder of FeltUnited — 2009-2012

An international art project established in conjunction with the United Nations declaration of 2009 as The International Year Of Natural Fibers. Listed as one of the official events. Providing farmers and artists with a platform to showcase their work as well as coordinate happenings worldwide on an annual basis including over 4000 artists in 40 countries.
Noted in various online and print publications

Volunteer school lecturer 2003-ongoing

Providing local schools and kindergardens with an opportunity to learn about ‘back-to-basic’ lifestyle covering everything from farm visits to wool felting workshops to hen and beekeeping to apple pressing and dyeing with indigo.

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