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I, like many of you makers out there indulge in more than just one craft. After 20 years of Making, my studio is full to the brim with supplies and tools, and my list of wants never seems to stop.

The discussion of swaps, trades and bartering has come up on some of the various lists that I follow, and instead of creating a pile of different lists for each group, I have decided to create this page for myself that will include a list of my wants and haves.

This will change over time, so please check back on occasion to see if we might be able to arrange something. When someone wants to try a new craft, there is often quite an investment to get started, if you are interested in a starter pack (variety of paper or fibres and fabrics) to try, I will gladly put something together for you in exchange for one of my wants.

If you are looking to trade for something I have listed for sale, feel free to contact me. I am also open to custom work, depending on my schedule.

Wants – in no particular order of preference, this list will surely grow!
(vintage is great, but if it is mechanical, it has to work properly):

  • drum carder for fine/medium fibres UPDATE: loving it! 🙂
  • locks or quality fleece ideally (wensleydale, lincoln longwool, gotland, leicester..) – dreaming of a fleece from a covered wensleydale or the like! ACQUIRED, but always open to getting more
  • gotland lambskins
  • latigo leather straps/hides
  • osbourne  (or equivalent) button press and dies
  • CSM circular sock knitting machine (model and cylinders – undecided) ACQUIRED!! found an ARE swedish model to refurbish.. but if you have one, let me know.. I could always consider a second one
  • overlock sewing machine (heavy duty)
  • leather sewing machine (Adler, singer etc.. heavy duty) ACQUIRED got one !
  • bookbinding plough (plow) vertical ideally
  • spinning wheel – ACQUIRED! happily spinning 🙂

supplies.. wow do I have stash! at some point I will add photos.

  • fibres
    • merino roving/top in every colour under the rainbow
    • norwegian c1  or pelsull (some in batts some as roving) variety of colours or natural colours
    • silk top (bombyx)
    • alpaca top suri and huyacaya in grey, black, natural and tan
    • cashmere (mongolian)
    • camel.. sooo soft
    • alpaca
    • silk fabric for nuno/laminate felting (habotai, chiffon, organza etc.. mostly in natural, some colours)
    • silk scarves dyed and natural (habotai and chiffon)
    • 19 micron needle felt in natural
  • Grønnsåpe Krystall (the best soap for felting!!)
  • Tibetan lambskin, rabbit hides (all from the food industry) colours and natural
  • Paper/bookbinding
    • waxed linen thread in 20+ colours 4ply for coptic binding UPDATE: gone
    • washi paper in tons of prints UPDATE: gone
    • botanical papers (prints or natural with botanical inclusions)
    • starched linen bookcloth (lots of colours) UPDATE: gone
  • scrapbooking supplies
    • rubber stamps
    • embossing powder – any colour you can imagine
    • inks .. too many to list, let me know what you are looking for.
  • vintage italian patent leather hides (I have about 30 in various colours)
  • invisible zippers by the meter in natural and black
  • beads galore!
  • Jewelry from my website – ‘stock items‘ only

The details:
Shipping (remember I live in Norway) can get expensive, we can figure something out if one person is shipping much heavier stuff than the other. I am reasonable to deal with, and I hope for the same from others.

Feel free make a ‘Makers’ barter page on your blog and put a link here in the comments page. it is a small world, and we all read each others blogs, so the more who want to barter, the better.


  1. Oh darn, darn, darn.

    To be living in norway and have all that bookbinding stuff I would take in a flash. and I have a carder…almost brand new, not sure if it is a fine fur. wanna meet mid atlantic?

    • tell you what Chad, maybe I will pop down to the Netherlands while you are there (just a hop, skip and a jump from here).. sounds like Elis, Joke, yourself and myself could have a little fun 😉

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