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the studio today – inside the kiln

Another ring in the works… 


This is a photo of my next piece in the kiln. The ring is sitting on a bed of vermiculite and some fibre blanket for support. I make plugs out of investment (powder that is mixed with water and then set – here is the brand I use) in the correct size such that the ring will be a specific size once I am done. This one is made size 8 1/2 (American sizing – to convert click here)

I own a Paragon Xpress E-14A it is such a fantastic piece of equipment. I did a ton of research before choosing my kiln and this one will allow me to move on in other forms and media including glass fusing/slumping, ceramics (I do silkscreening and have a serious set of custom dishware patterns in my head), enameling as well as lampwork beads (I chose the option of a beaddoor) because I know myself… It is just a matter of time! I am reasonably well versed in all of these techniques, I just need to find the time to focus on each one. I do not see myself getting bored anytime in the near future!

This ring is one that I am really looking forward to seeing when it is done. The “bowl” is as wide as the band, and will make a quite striking and bold statement. In the center of the bowl, is set a prong that will support a felt pearl. I have not yet decided on the size or colour, but I think this time the finish on the ring will be polished. Stay tuned.

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