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Kiln fired enamel

Enamel – a fantastic way to bring some colour into what can often become a world of black and white when working with silver. This week, I have been testing a set of colours from Thompson Enamels – transparent/lead free for use on silver/copper/gold.¬†Enamel is powdered glass which, when heated melts, flows and hardens to a smooth, durable vitreous coating on metal. Enameling can also be done on glass or porcelain, but requires enamels with a different COE (Coefficient Of Expansion) – expansion rates must be suited to the base surface material. Prior to using enamels, they need to be washed to remove the “fines” – (extra fine particles which can cause your enamel to be cloudy). This can either be done: wet: by rinsing in water multiple times until the water runs clear or dry: by using a series of sifting pans to separate the particle sizes (60, 80, 100 mesh etc.) Regardless of which technique you plan on using to apply the enamel, the silver must be properly prepared, polished and cleaned to …

FeltUnited 2010 is online :)

Yesterday, Elis and I published the 2nd International FeltUnited Exhibit. What started two years ago as an idea to connect artists from around the planet in a joint exhibit, grew to be a worldwide happening celebrated in over 25 countries on 5 continents. Nearly 1000 photos have been compiled in two themed exhibits featuring artists of all skill levels, from new beginners to renowned textile artists; all brought together to celebrate a common passion. Do take a moment to make yourself a comforting beverage, turn on some nice music and watch the show. We have also announced next years date and colour theme; Red–Purple–Blue, our third and final segment of the colour wheel. Please join us October 1st, 2011, see FeltUnited for more details. … and to Elis, thank you.. for everything. You are a dear friend, a fascinating artist and old soul, whom I am blessed to have in my life… I adore you.   EDIT: fixed the links ūüėČ  

We Felt United :)

FeltUnited was celebrated around the world, as felters everywhere shared in their love of wool. Photos are streaming in, and I am in awe of how many joined in on the fun. Chile, Australia, Argentina, Germany, Russia.. the list goes on. Events ranged from large to small, some organized workshops, others decorated public statues, groups marched through city streets boldly wearing this years colour theme… and many hung a symbolic piece on their fence post; and in the meaning of the event, they Felt United.

Designernes eget Julemarked – DogA

This weekend I participated in the Design Fair at DogA (Norwegian Center for Design and Architecture) It is one of Oslo most anticipated annual christmas markets. Around 10,000 people attend this event annually, queuing up outside in all sorts of weather to be able to get their hands on some of the latest in Norwegian Design. I am genuinely pleased with my weekend, and learned so much in the process. Prior to attending the event, I gave myself a goal for sales and I must admit, I exceeded my expectations. I went through 750 business cards, and realize that next time I need to bring more! The chance to get ones work seen by so many in such a short period of time is a fantastic opportunity. But most of all I met some lovely people in the process, both in the way of designers who were selling their work, as well as customers who left with smiles on their faces. One young lady in particular stands out in my mind… she returned three times …

Tutorial – handmade felt covered buttons

Felters who make handmade felt all have felt lying around that was either a sample test, a project that just was not right or simply bits left over from larger projects. There is nothing like handmade wool felt, and event the smallest pieces never get thrown away, after all.. each piece was lovingly made by hand! For those of you who are not felters, follow these directions using just about any fabric.

Naughty by nature?

… what would you like written around your finger? ūüėČ I have always loved words and I am an admitted font addict. I have a font for every occasion! I am continuously amazed at how a font can carry almost as much weight as the actual text in a graphic setting. When I first put words in silver, my head swirled with ideas. What, and how to write it – the possibilities were endless. Rings are my personal favorite. There is a significant amount of work involved in the creation of a custom ring. The graphic design (size matters) is crucial, the actual sizing of the ring (size matters here even more so!) ¬†– it all needs to be taken in consideration. ¬†I start at my computer where I work in Photoshop to create a template from which to work. From there, I go through a series of steps to convert that 2D image into a three dimensional form that I can use to sculpt the ring. Working with photopolymers and some japanese techniques. I …

“what is precious…”

This was entry for the Cheongju Craft Biennial in Korea: suffice it to say I did not win ;( The theme for the competition was: (you can skip this part if you want.. a little long winded!) The theme for the 2009 Biennale,¬†Outside the Box, proposes that craft be considered or approached as a composite whole, rather than as a series of fragmentary and contending disciplines. To think outside the box, as the phrase goes in the West, is to transcend spurious divisions through the human faculty of imagination. In newly-merged artistic and managerial discourses, ‘outside the box’ is where the indispensably ‘innovative’ is to be found. But it is also where a state of integration becomes attainable; where meetings become possible. As what is devised as a necessary means to an end, craft and innovation have ever been one and the same. By the same definition craft is integration; with nature, with others, with its collective self. It therefore has the power to unite and represent all human values, in the here and now. …