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FeltUnited 2010 is online :)

Yesterday, Elis and I published the 2nd International FeltUnited Exhibit. What started two years ago as an idea to connect artists from around the planet in a joint exhibit, grew to be a worldwide happening celebrated in over 25 countries on 5 continents. Nearly 1000 photos have been compiled in two themed exhibits featuring artists of all skill levels, from new beginners to renowned textile artists; all brought together to celebrate a common passion. Do take a moment to make yourself a comforting beverage, turn on some nice music and watch the show.

We have also announced next years date and colour theme; RedPurpleBlue, our third and final segment of the colour wheel. Please join us October 1st, 2011, see FeltUnited for more details.

… and to Elis, thank you.. for everything. You are a dear friend, a fascinating artist and old soul, whom I am blessed to have in my life… I adore you.


EDIT: fixed the links ūüėČ



  1. elisvermeulen says

    … after all that work you already told the world about next year??

    we should have some coffee or make plans to have coffee somewhere soon my friend.

  2. Felt United is spectacular as usual. You and Elis ROCK! We will never know the work that goes into this project, but we are all grateful, delighted and honored to be a part of it. Many thanks and many hugs and much applause!
    Do take a bow!
    Suzanne Higgs

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