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it is the process not the product

One thing always holds true, I love to learn. My husband is forever in awe as to how I am never bored. Curiosity, it is a gift, one that I hope to never take for granted. For the last while, my curiosity has had me spending a little less time in the studio, and more time in the kitchen and beyond. Creativity can be expressed in many facets in life, and these last years have been a delicious adventure. I have long thought of starting a new blog, as this one has focused mainly on my studio work, but the truth is that being a ‘maker’ does not have to be confined to my art. Many who know me have heard me say time and time again, that it is the process and not the product that is important for me. Diving in head first and learning everything I can about a subject is something that I love, and in the end, it is the knowledge and experience that I cherish more than the final product… and boy have I been busy… so here it comes, ready or not.. more musings of a maker!
Stay tuned 😉

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