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New tool in the studio

Over the holidays, the studio welcomed its newest tool, a plotter (cutter). There are many on the market, each having their own pros and cons, but after having done some research, I found the one for me.

I have always had a love for words.. quotes and sayings… and being a font addict with a reasonable handle on graphic design and a love for Adobe Illustrator, the possibilities with this machine are endless! It cuts so much more than vinyl… cardstock, fabric, stencils for glass etching and fabric stenciling, heat transfer for clothing.. and I have even sourced reflective heat transfer for clothing. That may sound crazy to most of the world, but living in Norway, the dark season makes wearing reflects mandatory. My son has decided he wants to start a business selling his own reflects designs.. and he is only 8! Time to make space in the studio.

Yesterday I made my first wall piece from vinyl. Well beyond the standard size of the plotter (the wording is just over a meter high), I piece-worked it to get it just the way I wanted. Part of the fun was coming up with the words.. I have seen lots of ‘family rules’ out there, but this one, after discussing what to write with the family, is just perfect.

the wall in our entryway (just across from the studio door)
pieceworking.. 4 segments (reminder to self.. registration marks next time!)
my studio helper.. nice quality time talking about the ‘rules’ and what they mean


  1. great rules for any family to live by. Happy New Years to yours.

    I have been wanting to do words on my felt for along time but will probably just have to attempt hand cutting, which I have done on a few occasions for new baby wall hangings.

    The words “Consider Joy” have been wanting to be in a piece of felt for quite a while now.

  2. nancy says

    Your sign is awesome. If you would be willing to sell a studio file with the words, please let me know as I have the Silhouette Cameo and would love to be able to cut this. great job! Thanks!

  3. siki mcivor says

    As always, thanks for sharing, I’d never heard of a plotter before this. I have the word “Dream” spelled out in willow branches in my bedroom (sometimes I think I should have “get up and go” instead ;-).

  4. what a lovely idea, and how wonderful to be inspiring your son too! best wishes for a wonderful 2012 ūüôā

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