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Granbakken at the Local Farmers Market

This weekend Hellviktangen Kulturhus is hosting a mini farmers market. It was a very last minute invite for those who grow and/or create things with local produce, and while looking in my pantry after a season of ‘making’ I thought why not!
Every year throughout the late summer and autumn, I put together a good sized batch of homemade goodness, most of which is given out to friends, family and neighbours. This year, I have more than enough!


Why ‘Granbakken’?
Granbakken (which translates to Spruce Hill) is the name our our property. Our home is an old timber summer house from 1921, and whenever I label something from my kitchen, it has had the Granbakken name on it. I find it very appealing to keep the history of our home alive. So I have been in the studio designing, printing and plotting labels for jams, jellies, salves, tub tea and more! I love being able to combine studio life with kitchen creations 🙂

Granbakken Goodness

My children have also been asking when we will be using the fruit press and crusher, and as our usual fall tradition is yet to have  happened, I told them we could bring it with us to the market, and they can sell fresh pressed organic apple juice and keep a share of the profits. They are thrilled! So today I am off to pick up crates of apples. Whatever does not get sold, will be pressed and turned into hard apple cider, which in turn will feed my apple cider vinegar cask, keeping my vinegar mother going throughout the year. I have bottled up some of our raw apple cider vinegar to sell on Sunday, and if anyone is interested in starting their own Apple Cider Vinegar vat, they can use this as a starter, or can simply enjoy it as is!
note to self: write blog post on making vinegar 😉

If you are in the neighbourhood, do stop by and say hello!


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