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Etsy – Shop Local

For those of you who think that Etsy is only a North American thing, think again! Etsy is working hard to help cater to artists and consumers worldwide.

Etsys Shop Local - Photo by crabappledesign

Etsy's Shop Local - Photo by crabappledesign

If you are not familiar with all of the features that Etsy has to offer – take a look at ‘Shop Local’. You can search for artists in your country, your state or even your own town. Who knows, you may find that a great talent lives right nearby and you might get the chance to visit (and shop!) in person.

Shopping local also has great benefits:

  • the environmental impact is reduced
  • you reinvest money in your own community
  • you will support a local small business owner
  • chances are you will get great customer service
  • lower shipping costs (saves you money!)
  • this list could go on and on.. but instead of reading this, go see what you can find where you live!

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