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Naughty by nature?

… what would you like written around your finger? 😉

I have always loved words and I am an admitted font addict. I have a font for every occasion! I am continuously amazed at how a font can carry almost as much weight as the actual text in a graphic setting.

When I first put words in silver, my head swirled with ideas. What, and how to write it – the possibilities were endless. Rings are my personal favorite. There is a significant amount of work involved in the creation of a custom ring. The graphic design (size matters) is crucial, the actual sizing of the ring (size matters here even more so!)  – it all needs to be taken in consideration.  I start at my computer where I work in Photoshop to create a template from which to work. From there, I go through a series of steps to convert that 2D image into a three dimensional form that I can use to sculpt the ring. Working with photopolymers and some japanese techniques. I sculpt each piece by hand. I do not do engraving, nor do I stamp a plain silver band. The procedures I use make deep impressions will not wear away. After polishing and workhardening, I use  a liver of sulfur solution to create a patina that accentuates the words. The jewelry is then hallmarked .999fs (fine silver 99.9% pure) which tarnishes less than sterling silver due to its purity. Sterling silver is 92.5% silver.

“be careful Anais, abnormal pleasures kill the taste for normal ones” – a quote cautioning Anais Nin from the movie Henry & June
My favorite norwegian quote "Evig eies kun det tapte" (Ibsen) roughly translates to "only that which is lost is yours forever"
My favorite norwegian quote “Evig eies kun det tapte” (Ibsen) roughly translates to “only that which is lost is yours forever”
Slave to love

slave to love - ring

slave to love ring

I have had clients ask for some pretty cryptic pieces, secrets that only they and maybe a special someone know the meaning of…

Here are some of the other designs I have used on rings. JUST BREATHE has a been very popular!

some text options available for custom silver rings
some text options available for custom silver rings

I can also scan your (or someone you loves)  handwriting to create a very personal piece of jewelry. Let me know your favorite quotes – What do you think would make a great piece of jewelry?


  1. elisvermeulen says

    Really good bloggingthingentry. like your explenation of the silver. Just breathe is on my lips almost daily. 🙂
    but its a difficult question, what I would like on a ring.
    will deffinately think about it and order one. haha or tèn, so you could write me a poem.

  2. CarmWhite says

    In the morning I start my day by practicing breathing. At least that’s what I used to tell my girls to head off their zillions of questions and requests before I had consumed the necessary amount of caffeinated beverage. So now my motto is Practice Breathing.

    Love your silver work and the explaination of its process.

  3. I just love the “Anais” tag but do I dear to wear it, hmm, definately. I want it as a Christmas gift for myself Cyn. Next time?

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  5. Jill says

    I would love to have a silver pinkie ring with my deceased mother’s handwriting on it. Can you do that and about how much would it be? Thank you for any information you can give me.

    • Hello Jill,
      Such a lovely idea.
      If you send me a scan of her handwriting, we can see what can be done. 🙂 you can send it to info(at)

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