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felted laptop bag – using raw fleece

Forever inspired by my dear friend Elis Vermeulen of Holland to work with raw fleece (see my previous post on working with Texel with Elis), I decided to make myself a laptop bag a while back using my favorite medium.

I have yet to add the straps (really need some studio time this week), but will be using some good quality leather with a buckle to make it adjustable.

cover flap made with lincoln long wool, norwegian C1 and Drenths Heath

using 3 resists, there is a small pocket for my phone and 2 large pockets one for my laptop and another large enough for A4 folders and more

happy mac

carefull planning re: shrinkage and you get a perfect fit!

The base is made using norwegian C1  (I planned for a shrinkage of 30%). It is the perfect wool for sturdy bags. It produces a nice firm felt that hardly pills and wears well.  Now to pull out a hide of leather and some brass findings.

Oh! by the way, if you are interested in learning more about how to work with raw fleece, Elis will be teaching a bag class at the Creative Felt Gathering in Michigan this september. See her website for more details, or contact her to arrange a workshop in your area.


  1. Oh, sighhhhh…Cynthia!
    Looking at this post really thrills me from my head to my toes!!
    I adore raw wool and working with it, and I’ll be taking that class with Elis in a few, short weeks! Squeal!!
    Your bag is quite perfect!!!! XXO-

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  3. Kate says

    I absolutely love this bag. Any suggestions as to how I can learn how to felt with raw wool fleece … reading material, videos, ect.?

  4. I’m an alpaca breeder and have been planning to make a bag like this for ages! I just need to decide on color/s and get busy carding! I love felt so much. You are an inspiration!

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