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sharing ones knowledge

The creative process is often a solitary one. Meeting other artists – sharing your experiences and techniques… being free with your knowledge – it is important! Mark my words. I have met many an artist and craftperson over the years, some of whom keep their knowledge locked away, never divulging their secrets. Potentially afraid that once told, that the knowledge would lose its value, becoming part of the “common knowledge” per se. Others have been open, freely telling the how’s and why’s of what they do. I have come to learn that what goes around comes around. I remember once asking a fellow artist how she accomplished a certain task. She said it was her secret, and that sharing it was not an option. She said she had spent many years learning her craft, and could not tell. I left feeling quite perplexed… yet all the more determined to find a way to do the deed regardless. After many an hour researching online (something I spend way too much time doing), I found a device that …

the studio today – inside the kiln

Another ring in the works…  This is a photo of my next piece in the kiln. The ring is sitting on a bed of vermiculite and some fibre blanket for support. I make plugs out of investment (powder that is mixed with water and then set – here is the brand I use) in the correct size such that the ring will be a specific size once I am done. This one is made size 8 1/2 (American sizing – to convert click here) I own a Paragon Xpress E-14A it is such a fantastic piece of equipment. I did a ton of research before choosing my kiln and this one will allow me to move on in other forms and media including glass fusing/slumping, ceramics (I do silkscreening and have a serious set of custom dishware patterns in my head), enameling as well as lampwork beads (I chose the option of a beaddoor) because I know myself… It is just a matter of time! I am reasonably well versed in all of these techniques, …


One of a series of pieces I have planned to celebrate the 1st International Day of Felt on October 3rd, 2009. Elis and I have been working hard on FeltUnited, time in the studio to create has become a scarce commodity. In a few weeks, we will be spending some time in Holland felting together. I can hardly wait.

open studio

Once again I opened my doors to the public, you never really know what to expect on those days. Some days are very quiet, other days people stream in, inevitably coming all at the same time! One thing is for certain, you almost always meet someone who comes in and makes you feel great about what you do. It is a lovely feeling knowing that the things that you create, the items you put so much love into designing are appreciated by others, who often are more than willing to provide them with a loving home. That is the one of the great joys that is derived from the creative process.