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“making” with my kids

This weekend is the big design fair here in Oslo, and I am nowhere near as prepared as I should be… swine flu hit our house in a bad way, and I have either been ill myself or nursing sick children all month (the last one heads back to school on Monday). Such is life and family comes first. Having the children home, and their watching me make and make and make etc.. They have been asking for something for themselves of course!  So we took a little time off and made santa hats for each of them.  (post continues after the photo) Once the show is over on Sunday, I am looking forward to taking some time and making purely for giving. It is such a great feeling. I am really hoping the children will enjoy it. Well.. back to work.. Cyn

Art?.. Craft? – a rose by any other name…

The concept of Art vs Craft has been an ongoing debate across a broad array of media. It is a debate that will likely never be resolved. I have always been uncomfortable with labeling myself as anything – designer, craftsman, artist etc.. does one preclude the other? For years now, I have been honing my Craft – learning and experimenting, improving my skills. Art per se – was never on the agenda yet somehow, it seems to be pushing itself to the forefront of my thoughts. To create works that are not purely functional, yet have a story, a meaning – give pause. Can one create Art without Craft?.. yes.. but would one really want to? I cannot imagine why – yet we see it everywhere. Can one create Craft without Art?.. absolutely.. yet – there is an ‘art’ to creating well crafted work. Art AND Craft – I cannot imagine a better combination. I have been reading up on the debate – here are a few links: Art v. Craft – Bruce DeBoer – …

Tutorial – handmade felt covered buttons

Felters who make handmade felt all have felt lying around that was either a sample test, a project that just was not right or simply bits left over from larger projects. There is nothing like handmade wool felt, and event the smallest pieces never get thrown away, after all.. each piece was lovingly made by hand! For those of you who are not felters, follow these directions using just about any fabric.

thanks & blog poll

I took at look at my stats today, and just wanted to say thanks for reading. When I started my blog this summer, I had no idea that it would be read by so many people. I would love to hear what you would like to see more of (take this anonymous poll – choose 2 options) : by the way, if you want to subscribe use the RSS feeder links on the top right then bookmark it.

Naughty by nature?

… what would you like written around your finger? 😉 I have always loved words and I am an admitted font addict. I have a font for every occasion! I am continuously amazed at how a font can carry almost as much weight as the actual text in a graphic setting. When I first put words in silver, my head swirled with ideas. What, and how to write it – the possibilities were endless. Rings are my personal favorite. There is a significant amount of work involved in the creation of a custom ring. The graphic design (size matters) is crucial, the actual sizing of the ring (size matters here even more so!)  – it all needs to be taken in consideration.  I start at my computer where I work in Photoshop to create a template from which to work. From there, I go through a series of steps to convert that 2D image into a three dimensional form that I can use to sculpt the ring. Working with photopolymers and some japanese techniques. I …

Etsy – Shop Local

If you are not familiar with all of the features that Etsy has to offer – take a look at ‘Shop Local’. You can search for artists in your country, your state or even your own town. Who knows, you may find that a great talent lives right nearby and you might get the chance to visit (and shop!) in person.

in the studio today…

A few moments from the studio today. Made using a mix of Norwegian C1 and pelsull with a touch of silk throwers waste for accent. Here is a glimpse of the process: UPDATE: This photo will give you an idea as to how much it shrunk in the felting process. Norwegian C1 is fantastic wool! ohhh.. and a link from Siki in Canada.. I absolutely  love this, turn your music on and enjoy.

Designernes eget julemarked ’09

This year, I will be taking part in one of Oslo’s most anticipated holiday shopping events. Designernes eget Julemarket (The Designers Own Christmas Market) Over 140 designers from Norway, England, Belgium, Denmark and Sweden will be selling their creations at DogA (The Norwegian Center for Design and Architecture). Approximately 10,000 people pass through the doors over the course of 2 days… and the good stuff goes fast!

“what is precious…”

This was entry for the Cheongju Craft Biennial in Korea: suffice it to say I did not win ;( The theme for the competition was: (you can skip this part if you want.. a little long winded!) The theme for the 2009 Biennale, Outside the Box, proposes that craft be considered or approached as a composite whole, rather than as a series of fragmentary and contending disciplines. To think outside the box, as the phrase goes in the West, is to transcend spurious divisions through the human faculty of imagination. In newly-merged artistic and managerial discourses, ‘outside the box’ is where the indispensably ‘innovative’ is to be found. But it is also where a state of integration becomes attainable; where meetings become possible. As what is devised as a necessary means to an end, craft and innovation have ever been one and the same. By the same definition craft is integration; with nature, with others, with its collective self. It therefore has the power to unite and represent all human values, in the here and now. …

Etsy.. the handmade movement

Etsy.. the place to buy all things handmade If you do not know what Etsy is (actually in Norway, it is relatively unknown), welcome to the land of the living and take a look. Over a hundred thousand artists showcase their wares for the world to see, and everything you see there is either handmade or vintage. Etsy offers artists not only a fantastic opportunity to expand their market, but it is also a very special place to meet like minded people who appreciate and/or create handmade works. If you are an artist, do look into the community and forum pages, they are excellent resources, with information on marketing, photography and more. I have been featured on the front page of Etsy on a few occasions, it never ceases to make me feel proud when something I made with my own two hands is chosen for one of their coveted front page spots. etsy front page featuring my “linen pendant” etsy front page featuring my “bark ring” I have been fortunate enough to have been contacted …