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Tutorial – handmade felt covered buttons

Felters who make handmade felt all have felt lying around that was either a sample test, a project that just was not right or simply bits left over from larger projects. There is nothing like handmade wool felt, and event the smallest pieces never get thrown away, after all.. each piece was lovingly made by hand! For those of you who are not felters, follow these directions using just about any fabric.

in the studio today…

A few moments from the studio today. Made using a mix of Norwegian C1 and pelsull with a touch of silk throwers waste for accent. Here is a glimpse of the process: UPDATE: This photo will give you an idea as to how much it shrunk in the felting process. Norwegian C1 is fantastic wool! ohhh.. and a link from Siki in Canada.. I absolutely  love this, turn your music on and enjoy.

the studio today – inside the kiln

Another ring in the works…  This is a photo of my next piece in the kiln. The ring is sitting on a bed of vermiculite and some fibre blanket for support. I make plugs out of investment (powder that is mixed with water and then set – here is the brand I use) in the correct size such that the ring will be a specific size once I am done. This one is made size 8 1/2 (American sizing – to convert click here) I own a Paragon Xpress E-14A it is such a fantastic piece of equipment. I did a ton of research before choosing my kiln and this one will allow me to move on in other forms and media including glass fusing/slumping, ceramics (I do silkscreening and have a serious set of custom dishware patterns in my head), enameling as well as lampwork beads (I chose the option of a beaddoor) because I know myself… It is just a matter of time! I am reasonably well versed in all of these techniques, …