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In the studio today – the dye pot

It has been a while since I have “played” in the studio… sometimes life gets too busy. Today, after a good talk with a friend far away, I feel that my head is starting to clear and the time to play is approaching… that … and spring is in the air!

straight out of the dye pot…

FeltUnited 2010 may be miles away for the rest of you, but for Elis and myself, we are already in the thick of it. The website needs updating and projects need planning. I decided that this year I would use FeltUnited’s colour theme as an excuse to explore dyeing. I hope to take a holiday from the coloured roving that most of us have in our stash – and delve head first into working with a variety of fleece that are foreign to me; then bring my own colour to them.

Wensleydale locks for texture

This is a little project I am putting together for my own use (something I rarely do.. and should do more often!), it is the wraparound cover for a book that I will be binding (longstitch) to hold the blank pages for this year.. a place where I can jot down dreams, doodle my designs, scribble ideas and commemorate FeltUnited for 2010… hence my choice of colour.

wraparound book cover to be bound

I used some 23 micron merino for the base layers on the inside, and wensleydale roving on the outside with wensleydale locks and curls for for texture and embellishment.  All that is left is to cut the paper, make a closure and sew in the signatures.

The fog is clearing….

the view on the fjord this morning.. spring is in the air


  1. elisvermeulen says

    the colours are beautiful ( simular to my hands at this point..) I like the texture of good strong felt.

    The fog photo is beautiful too. almost unreal.
    looking forward to see the fjord for myself again.

  2. Cynthia!! from your view foto, I can guess right almost where your house is! How exciting, almost knowing my way around Nessodtangen… glad to hear you broke out of the Merino spell, it’s… not local at the very least. If I lived in Australia, now…

    • Hi Ayala, yes it is amazing how distinct the view is from here.. Nesodden is special that way. And as for merino.. not being local… well although I am from Canada I am half australian and proud of it .. so I guess I have a good excuse .. hehe

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