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Fleeces – more than merely merino

I have gotten a little too used to felting with merino. Nothing against merino, it is a felters dream.. and I have tons of it in all shapes and forms, couldn’t imagine a better staple in the studio of a felter. I do of course use my fair share of norwegian C1 and pelsull, and have dabbled a bit here an there, but after having been to Elis‘ last year, I have heard a little voice in my head (likely from the little devil on my shoulder) saying “try something new.. experiment.. get dirty.. haha!” and when you work with fleece right off the sheep, full of grease and bits and bobs, trust me you get dirty and well.. the smell of all that stuff warmed up with hot water.. hmm.. I think you know what I am getting at!

Well today, I am pulling out all the goodies and getting ready to play!

Devon Cornwall

…I could not help but take out the camera and capture a few images

Drenth Heath

… this should be fun

Bluefaced Leicester

Bluefaced Leicester

.. only time will tell what these will become…  but you know for sure they will end up in the colours of FeltUnited!

ahhh… life as an artist.. there is nothing like it.


texture .. ahhh lovely texture:

gorgeous texture


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