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the dye pot today – FeltUnited for 2010

FeltUnited's 2010 colour range

Another productive day in the studio (and it is not even noon!). FeltUnited as many of you know is fast approaching (at least for Elis and I). There are a series of projects ongoing in the studio (well mostly in my head for now) that require some preplanning .. ie dyeing fibre.

FeltUnited's 2010 colour range

FeltUnited’s 2010 colour range


working with 2 pots to get the shading just right … dip left.. dip right.. dip left…


I love how the colour blends


wensleydale and bluefaced leicester in 2 seperate dye baths

wensleydale and bluefaced Leicester – trying 2 different brands of dye. Jacquard acid dye (left) and Greener Shades (right)


straight from the dye pots into the centrifuge

straight from the dye pot and into the centrifuge


just waiting to get felted into the next project

BLF locks


wensleydale locks

wensleydale locks


a sample of what is to come..

a glimpse of things to come


  1. Hi Cinthia!!Im from Argentina and I like your work!! I love felting and this year I want to be part of felt united, showing what I ve been learning…
    Felting is a magical art!! there s no limit for creation!!
    Hope to hear from you soon.
    Best regards

  2. Hi Cynthia,

    I just emailed you at Felt United. I’m the online editor at HAND/EYE Magazine ( and we’re interested to feature Felt United for out July 1st issue. I was wondering if you could answer some questions:

    and we were wondering if you’d be able to answer some question about Felt United and your own felt work. The article is slated for July Ist. We’ll need 6 to 8 hi-res images to accompany the article, and I’ll need your responses by this Friday, June 18th. Questions below:

    what attracts you to felt and feltmaking?

    What is Felt United and how did you decide to form this group

    How many feltmakers/artists are members of Felt United?

    Can anyone join Felt United? Novice, intermediate, or advanced feltmakers?

    What events do you have planned for this October?

    You use colors as themes. Will you explore other types of themes for the future?

    Anything that you would like to add?

    Thanks for your time.

    Rebeca Schiller
    Online Editor
    HAND/EYE Magazine

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