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featured in Epla’s Henne magazine ad

I opened my email this morning, to find out that Epla – Norways handmade marketplace will have a page in Henne magazine (april issue in stores on the 9th). They have chosen a collection of items to feature, and my ‘de Beauvoir’ pendant is one of them (happy happy!).

Epla is doing a fantastic job. Since going live in November, they have  had a steady growth in both the number of stores/items being posted, as well as sales. They posted their first quarter statistics on their blog, and their future looks very promising. I have been watching their progress with (obviously) great interest. They seem to have a good handle on the market, and are systematically taking the steps needed to grow at a pace that they can handle. The service they are providing is much needed to artists and craftspersons who prefer to ‘make’ versus market their work. I take my hat off to them. It is a huge undertaking, and they have done it well.

page in Henne magazine april 2010

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